About Us

Tim Inox Ltd. was founded in 1992. Since its inception the company became popular with the precision and craftsmanship, which makes its products mainly because owners are directly related to the manufacturing process.

1997 Tim Inox Ltd. actively present on the Bulgarian market as a manufacturer with a protected trademark Tim Inox and is a comprehensive supplier of professional kitchen equipment. The company provides a complete range of heating and cooling equipment and is the exclusive representative for the territory of Bulgaria of the leading European companies - BARON - Italy (heating appliances), AFINOX - Italy (shock coolers and freezers) and MAJOR - Italy (steam convection). Partnered with the world industry leaders from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany and Turkey.

The company offers a fast, efficient, razchupeni solutions based on experience and tailored to the project, including:

  • Coordination with architecture, ventilation, plumbing, electrical. And gas.
  • Delivery and professional installation of equipment.
  • Servicing the entire country.
  • Commissioning and on-site training.
  • On-site training by a professional chef.

Tim Inox Ltd. relies on a highly qualified team and perfect communication between departments, each of which is equipped with high-tech equipment. Innovation, professionalism and customer service factors led our company to popularity even outside the region in which it is based.

With 10 years VAV Ltd. supports these important features, despite growing demands of the Bulgarian and world market.

Tim Inox "Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel equipment.

We are a company with over 20 years experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of professional kitchen equipment from stainless steel. From design to installation, from small restaurant near the big restaurant and hotel, our professionalism is the same for each client.

The company is certified for the production of kitchen restaurant and bar equipment, tables and countertops, stainless steel tables with sinks, cabinets, professional hoods, racks, carts, racks, lines for fast food, Bain Marie, grills, grease, metal products in drawing the client and many others.

Gas thermal and electrical equipment for kitchens and production facilities, and refrigeration equipment, supplied by leading European and world producers. To facilities supported full kit of spare parts. Warranty and service.

Standard and non-standard production process equipment for bars, restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, enterprises and objects for bread, meat processing, manufacturing companies, supermarkets, kindergartens, medical equipment Stainless steel neutral equipment.

Your idea is our product - all products are designed and manufactured, complying with the wishes and requirements of the client, and in individual sizes. The team of highly qualified professionals - designers, developers and mobile teams, makes flexible production and allows individual approach to each project and its associated implementation.

Our production base is equipped with modern machines for metal working with CNC control and thanks to innovative technologies we use, we can offer our customers high quality products at competitive prices.

Some of Our Clients